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We promote healthy relationships for children, teens and their families by encouraging effective and solution oriented communication. Together, we will work with each family to construct a concrete vision of a “preferred future.” Families can set goals by identifying the things they wish to have changed in their lives, recognize what is currently working for them, and wish to continue.

Our trained professionals can assist with issues of defiance, anger, school challenges, inappropriate sexual behaviors and more.

We can help parents define themselves as a powerful role model based on their core values and beliefs by creating “step by step” strategies that promote positive results.

The following questions may help you determine if you need assistance with your toddler, school-aged child, or teen:

  • Are you frustrated with your child not responding to simple requests that lead to you feeling out of control, raising your voice or pulling your hair out?

  • Are you getting notes from your child’s school due to behaviors in the classroom?

  • Is your child not responding to consequences or punishments?

  • Does your child not respect personal space of other children or adults?

  • Are you experiencing conflicts in your relationship due to your child’s behavior?

  • Do you feel your children argue or fight more than seems appropriate for the situation?

  • Are you struggling in your relationship to come together on a parenting style in your home (including with a new spouse, partner, or new member of the household)?

  • Are you having trouble parenting your child due to new stressors, such as a major life event (loss of job, death of a loved one, birth of a child, illness, financial difficulties, or divorce)?

If you answered yes to several of these items, it is recommended that you seek help from our trained professionals.

Services Offered:

     In-home parenting assessment
     Individual Counseling
     Family Therapy
     Couples Counseling
     8 or 16 week Parent Education workshops
     Developing strategies that meet your needs
     Improve communication skills
     Enhance your effectiveness in parenting

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